Top 5 Reasons Why Online Classes Suck

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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector has faced many problems. With the restrictions and social distancing, the only way to continue academic studies was through online classes. Students all over the world have ridiculed online classes and showed their support for physical classes. They feel that online classes have more disadvantages than advantages.

Around 20% of students in Romania have claimed that they rarely attended their online classes. With so many disadvantages, students feel that attending online classes will be a waste of time.

It is no secret that online education has many negative aspects and it is bad for students and their academic prowess.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why online classes suck.

Too Many Distractions

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The reason behind why students hate online classes is that they get distracted easily and turn their attention away from studying. There are countless distractions that can interrupt a student.

Students have their cell phones and computers in their hands for online classes and just one notification can divert them from their classes.

Family members often intervene during online classes which disrupts the rhythm of the child. Students are more relaxed in their home environment. They do not focus properly. They are not as serious as they are in schools.

Classmates and friends talk to each other during online classes and do not concentrate on what is being taught. There is no fear of the teacher which makes the student concentrate on studies.

Students have to be extremely focused to succeed in an online class. They have to concentrate with all their might. They have to be self-disciplined.

No Teacher/Student Contact

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Teachers are the main reason why students study properly. They do everything in helping their student learn and achieve the best grade possible.

In online classes, this is not present. Teachers are solely focused on the curriculum. They do not interact with the students and understand their stance on education. The look of disappointment on the teacher’s face when you do not complete your homework or you fail a test is the ultimate wake-up call to do better next time. The famous teacher’s quote, “See me after class” cannot be achieved during online classes.

Teachers give many pieces of advice to their students and it changes their lives and outlook on education. This advice cannot be as heartfelt through online classes.

In physical classes, teachers ask questions from those students who are academically challenged but in online classes, teachers do not ask as many questions as they should.

Computer/Network Problems

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Online classes are already not easy to take but with network issues or computer problems, you will inevitably fail. Sometimes, your laptop is not fully charged and you lose valuable minutes finding your charger and hooking it up.

Computers are just not reliable. Just before starting your class, your computer screen can freeze up or an impromptu update can arrive which has to be installed at that very moment.

The internet connection can be a bit slow and the whole class will carry on while you are stuck at loading. The internet connection of your teacher can also be weak which will result in undistinguishable voices and understanding that will be very difficult. Their PowerPoint presentation can fail to show up clearly and the result will be pretty distorted.

The school can send you invalid links to your classes and you lose the start of the lecture by calling the school office for the correct link.

Around 20% of parents in the United States have claimed that they do not have the necessary requirements, such as reliable internet connectivity and multiple computers, to ensure that all their children can access online education.

Teachers Are Not Trained for Online Education

We all know that teachers and school staff are giving their all to make online education just as same as physical on-campus education. They are trying to adapt to this new form of teaching in this short amount of time. We all appreciate their efforts but we can agree on one thing, the quality of education and learning is just not the same.

Teachers are not accustomed to teaching students through online classes. Only some are experts in online teaching, while others try their best.

Most teachers face difficulties writing complicated equations quickly on the computer screens, they are not used to the software which enables them to write these equations.

There Is No Socializing

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Socializing is the only thing that cannot be achieved through online classes. Those moments, those jokes, those mementos with friends can only happen on campus. There is no recess, no break, no hanging out with friends and classmates.

You cannot make new friends through online classes. You can talk about schoolwork and stuff but it is not the same. You cannot spend your day of online classes in the same manner as you did in your school.

There is just studying going on in online classes. Students are basically homeschooled at this point.


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So, everyone hates online classes but we should be grateful for our teachers, school management, and staff for working hard for us through these difficult times.

Online classes are hard to comprehend but we, as students, have to make the most of them. If you do not understand a topic, ask the teacher repeatedly until it is clear. Your teacher will surely help you. Make study groups on social media platforms with your classmates and ask questions there. Surely someone will help you.

Students should just study hard and concentrate on their online classes. They should take every class and should not take them for granted.

We all know that most of the students just login to online classes for marking their attendance but that is not right.

Online classes are there for a reason and that is to study.

So, let’s study!




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Hassaan Hamid

Hassaan Hamid

Blogging, Technology, Sports, Aviation, Books, Gaming, Cars, Travel, Wrestling.

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